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Grizzly's Yard Waste Collection Service

Grizzly’s Landscape Supply has begun a new service for clients in the Cape Region.


Cape Gazette



Grizzly’s will now be collecting leaves and grass in bags, and bundled twigs and branches from homeowners and businesses in an effort to help Sussex County residents comply with the new regulations regarding disposal of organic materials in Delaware.

The new state rules, which went into effect at the first of the year, require that yard waste materials be separated from household trash and garbage before disposal.

This rule might create hardships for some homeowners and small businesses.

The homeowner can bag leaves or grass, or bundle twigs, branches, shrubs, etc. in 4-foot-by-2-foot bundles of no more than 50 pounds, then contact Grizzly’s with name, address, phone number and how many bags and/or bundles need to be collected at $3 each.

As a way of introducing the collection program, Grizzly’s is offering a major discount for the first collection.

Grizzly’s and the homeowner will set which day of the week the materials will be available for collection. Grizzly’s location on Route 9, 3 miles west of Route 1, is also an approved drop-off point for leaves, grass, shrubs and other yard waste, including clean Christmas trees.

There is a fee for yard waste materials, but Christmas trees with no tinsel or other decorations will be accepted free of charge. All yard waste materials are recycled at Blue Hen Organics near Dagsboro.

Blue Hen Organics uses the waste materials to create compost and topsoil for use by landscape professionals and homeowners to improve soil for lawns and gardens.

Grizzly’s Landscape Supply has been helping improve soil in Sussex County since 1979.

For more information about yard waste pick-up and drop-off programs, and Grizzly’s full line of compost, soil, mulch, stone, and other lawn and garden supplies, phone 302-644-0654 or email

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