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Blue Hen Organics Soil Amendments can dramatically increase the health of the soil in your lawn, landscaping bed, or garden.  Using Blue Hen Organics Soil Amendments can:

  • Increase the soil's percentage of valuable organic matter;
  • Build and improve the structure of your soil;
  • Improve the moisture holding capacity of your soil;
  • Improve drainage in heavy clay soils;
  • Improve the soil's porosity and aeration to the root zone;
  • Introduce huge populations of beneficial micro-organisms into your soil; and
  • Provide slow release nutrients and minerals to your soil and plants.

Our soil amendments can be used as a landscaping bed soil amendment (apply at rates of 3 - 6 cubic yards per 1,000 square feet), as a component of a landscape backfill blend, or as a turf topdressing (1 CY/1,000 SF). Our soil amendments are carefully screened to ensure good particle size and can be screened to 3/4” or 3/8” depending on the application requirements.


Topdressing with Bay Organics Green Lawn Enhancer

Determine the square footage of the area you wish to top dress and calculate the volume of Bay Organics Green you will need.  ____sq. ft x .25 inches deep x .0031 = ____cu. yds. 

1. Using a quality core aerator, aerate your lawn, making two passes, one North-South, the other East-West.  Leave the cores on your lawn.

2. Top dress with Bay Organics Green.  You can rent a top dresser, broadcast with a shovel, or rake Bay Organics Green to a depth of 1/4 inch.

3. Use grass seed as recommended by your garden center.  Apply seed at the recommended rate.  Keep area moist until grass reaches cutting height.  Keep your lawn mower blade sharp! Set your mowers cutting height to at least 3 inches.

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