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Bay Organics Green


Bay Organics Green is a nutrient rich soil enhancer used to promote healthy lawns and landscapes.  Our product is superior as a top-dressing, a base for sod or seeding, and as a general soil amendment. The slow release nutrients contained in Bay Organics Green ensure healthy plant growth without the environmental impact of synthetic fertilizers. Use Bay Organics Green to create a gorgeous "Bay Freindly" lawn or landscape.


Blue Hen Organics accepts source seperated food waste from restaurants, grocery stores, and schools on the Delmarva Peninsula and beneficially uses food waste as a nitrogen rich feedstock to create Bay Organics Green.  Food waste and poultry litter are mixed with various types of carbon including landscaping residuals and wood chips to reach an optimal carbon to nitrogen ratio for composting.  Once mature and stable, the finished product is screened and then ready for bulk distribution throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Use Bay Organics Green for a beautiful, Bay Friendly lawn!

Bay Organics Green
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