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Blue Hen Premium Topsoil


Blue Hen Premium Topsoil is a high quality manufactured soil for planting shrubs, annuals, and perennials.  Our premium topsoil is made with quality soil blended with just the right amount of compost to produce fine, rich product. The compost is added to increase moisture holding capacity, organic matter, and nutrients within the soil.   Blue Hen Topsoil is screened with a 3/8" trommel screen guaranteeing a high quality soil perfect for various applications


Blue Hen Organics Premium Top Soil is very high in organic matter. This high organic matter content means that Blue Hen Organics Premium Top Soil has a high nutrient exchange capacity, allowing quick nutrient uptake by plants root systems. Blue Hen Organics Premium Top Soil has a sandy-loam texture which gives it the necessary mass to be useful for filling low spots in your lawn without shrinking and still allow for excellent drainage and development of healthy root systems.

Blue Hen Premium Topsoil
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